Today is Now Available

I ordered David Gilmour‘s new album “Rattle That Lock” which is due out September 18th. My wife is a bigger Gilmour fan than I am, but I like his music and we’re lucky enough to have tickets to his April show in Madison Square Garden.

iTunes has been releasing singles from the album occasionally to drive interest, as they’re known to do. Today I got this email.

Screenshot 2015-09-04 at 4.49.36 AM

“Today” is just the next song on Rattle That Lock and I’m excited to listen to it. But iTunes sent me a bigger message today, one that focuses on an interest in Mindfulness that came about this summer. To wake up each day and instead of focusing on the world about to happen, focusing on the fact that you’ve woken up, are breathing, and have today to live, moment by moment, is an important concept for all of us. So let’s not think about it too much, but let’s live it instead.



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