NEW Chromebook Screenshot And Video Capture Updates!

Ok, so other than the updates themselves, which are awesome, consider how this changes what your students can do!

Screenshot update:
Choose area, full screen, or window from the same keystroke feature.
Automatically copied to clipboard.
One-Click to screenshot editor.
Editing tools like Draw, Resize, Crop, Rotate, and more!
Video Capture!!!
Instantly select video capture.
Click Settings to add mic recording!
Capture all or part of the screen!

What can students do with this?

Faster video recordings sent to you in Google Classroom
Third Party Workaround (Sorry Flipgrid, Threadit, and Screencastify)
Instant access to annotated screenshots to share with your class on Meet, Zoom, or in Classroom.

Who gets this update?

It’s an Android 11 update, so check out the list of chromebooks receiving it here and see if yours or your student chromebooks are on the list!

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