Handling Teacher Burnout

It is what it is.

I’ve heard that phrase more times than I can count, but I should have started counting back when I heard it for the first time, because I’m sure the number of times would have been staggering (at least I think I’m sure). Many teachers just don’t like the way school, teaching and learning are going right now. Some teachers love it, but for a lot of us, the stress of what is really a totally new job and a totally new teacher identity in a location where our profession crosses over with our home and personal lives so that we forget whether we’re supposed to be preparing a lesson or preparing a snack is leading to the inevitable…teacher burnout.

If you’re anywhere near this precipice…have a listen to the newest episode of The Instant Relevance Podcast. My guest, Amber Harper (@burnedinteacher), is the author of Hacking Teacher Burnout and the founder of The Burned-In Teacher. Her perspective and practical approach to solving the burnout problem and using that fire to re-ignite your passion for teaching will inspire you and prepare you for tomorrow.

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