Math Activities

Two for you…One, Two for me

Sequences, series, and adding up money, fast. Using Bugs Bunny and the old gag.

Foldable Template and Example

Screenshot 2015-05-31 at 1.08.27 PM

Do you use Foldables for student notes or guides? Are you going 1:1 or Google Classroom? I’ve made a template for the Google Slides version of a foldable that you can share with your students and they can use to present or review.

Pi Day of the Century 3.14.15 at 9:26 & 53 sec

Have a Circle Drawing Contest, Read some trivia, have fun!

Geoguessr: How good are your students at guessing where they are in the world?

  •       This activity compares distance from actual location to points scored
    • Regression, Mean Absolute Deviation, and fun

Sweethearts Candy: How far will they go?

  • This activity asks students to find the total production of Valentine’s Sweethearts, and see how far they’d stretch.
    • Modeling, Conversions, Investigation

Confidence Intervals: Does Snicker’s Really Satisfy?

  • Answering the age old question using confidence intervals to estimate the true weight of Snicker’s bars. Is Mars co selling us the truth?
    • Confidence Intervals, AP Statistics

That’s a Ton of Snow…or is it?

  • It snowed, a lot. I moved it. What is the weight of the snow I moved?
    • Conversions, modeling, area, volume, weight and mass.

Internet Live Stats: Percent Change

  • shows how quickly tweets, posts, etc… are accumulating every moment. This activity uses that data for calculating Percent Change.
    • Percents, change, time comparison

Writing Functions given complex solutions: a demonstration

  • There’s the long way and the short way. This is the short way. It’s not a short cut, but another way to view it.
    • Functions, complex numbers, writing functions

Am I Being Lied To: Prudential Stickers commercial

  • When Prudential aired a commercial showing ages of the oldest person we know, they made their first mistake.
    • AP Statistics, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, ethics

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? Desmos regression

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