2019: What’s Your Slogan?

2019: What’s Your Slogan?

In 2017, I chose the #OneWord “Preflect,” which is a word I made up. It means to picture yourself at the end of the year, looking back on this year. What do you see that you were proud of or excited about? After thinking about that…go make it happen! I’ve decided that my All Time #OneWord will be PREFLECT, and that day by day, week by week, month by month, I’ll picture myself at the end, looking back, setting goals and reflecting on them often. I love that word, so I’m keeping it. 

But, I still recognize that there are things I want to change about myself, too. You see, there were plenty of times this year I could and should have been writing, working, creating, talking, listening, playing with my kids, singing with my wife, and more. But instead, I just didn’t.  So for 2019, I’ve decided not to pick a full resolution, but to narrow it down to a company slogan that applies to me.

I’m done saying phrases like “just a minute” and “right after I finish (insert useless activity here)” and “sorry we never got around to (insert much more important activity here).” 

If you’re interested in picking a slogan for you that supports your goals for your teaching, your students, your classroom, your relationships, your personal growth, or anything else in your life, Just Do It! And here’s a list of a few I like to get you started. 

Nike: Just Do It
Lego: Only The Best is Good Enough.
Apple: Think Different
Zurich: Because Change Happens
Jaguar: Grace, Space, Pace
Audi: Advancement Through Technology
L’Oreal: Because You’re Worth It
Dr Pepper: What’s The Worst That Could Happen
Adidas: Impossible Is Nothing
AT&T: Reach Out And Touch Someone
Disney Land: The Happiest Place On Earth
General Electric: We Bring Good Things To Life
Lexus: The Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection
Nokia: Connecting People
Staples: That Was Easy
The Independent: It is. Are you?
U.S. Army: Be All That You Can Be
Verizon Mobile: Can You Hear Me Now
Volkswagen: Think Small
Philips: Let’s Make Things Better
Microsoft: Where Do You Want To Go Today
Red Cross: The Greatest Tragedy is Indifference
Vodafone: Make The Most of Now
EA Games: Challenge Everything

I could spend more time talking about why I’m doing this, but I’ve got stuff to do. 

BONUS SLOGAN ACTIVITY!!!! Over the course of the year, create a logo that represents you, too. Design it, revise it, be creative. Share your logo anytime or next December 31st! Your students can do the same thing!

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