Wonder Woman Lesson Collection

Free Wonder Woman Lesson Collection


I’ve been saying that a lot lately. First Fidget Spinners, now Wonder Woman! This one’s a little different. From what I’m reading, there are no School-wide Bans On Wonder Woman occurring across the country yet…yet.


Put Wonder Woman In The Classroom!


In my previous Fidget Spinner post(Banned to Bandwagon to Banked), teachers were overcoming the mindset that they were merely a distraction and had no value to create fun, creative, interactive activities and lessons for their kids to engage them in their love of spinning fidgety things.

This time, I don’t think there will be a lot of We Shall Overcome chants occurring in schools. So let’s skip the Banned part, and even the Bandwagon part and go right to the best part…


So I’d like to share with you this document of

15 + Wonder Woman Lessons, Activities, and Ideas(click for doc)

gathered from excellent educators across the globe, to be added to your Lesson Bank! Share it widely, use it often, and more importantly, approach future experiences in your own classroom from this same mindset.

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Fidget Spinners: From Banned to BandWagon to Banked

Free Fidget Spinners Lesson Collection

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Have a great time with these, they’re awesome!
Now…I also hope you’ll keep reading.


The process that has brought me to this post today is the most exciting thing about being a connected educator, especially on twitter. On April 24th, 2017, I heard about the Fidget Spinner. I’ll call that Day Zero. For a moment, I thought to myself…”oh well, there’s another fidget toy now.” Then, later that same day, I read article after article and saw twitter post after twitter post sharing the same message…


If you know anything about me, my book Instant Relevance, or our weekly twitter chat #MakeItReal, you know that this type of commentary is nothing more than a challenge. So, on April 25th, I wrote the #MakeItReal Moment Number 7 blog post about embracing the Fidget Spinner in the classroom instead of banning it.

There were two major reactions to that post. One (smaller reaction by far and interestingly enough…centered mostly in the UK) was “no thank you, I’d rather teach things that are important by lecturing.”

The second, and much larger reaction was “Absolutely! What a great idea! Anyone out there doing this already?” And the shift began…from Banned, to Bandwagon!


On Wednesday, May 3rd, the #MakeItReal Chat was focused on grabbing hold of the fads that students love, particularly Fidget Spinners, and making Relevant, Connected, Valuable learning experiences for our students.

On May 4th I posted the Fidget Spinner Follow Up post, sharing ideas that several teachers had shared with me through twitter and had been used by other teachers all over the country.

The Fidget Spinner movement had gone from Banned, to Bandwagon. Teachers everywhere were jumping on, but not just to follow, to lead. They created lessons, activities, experiences, videos, flipgrids, padlets, and best of all, they said “yes” to students who asked, even silently, “Can school be something I like today?”


So I’d like to share with you this document of

20+ Fidget Spinner Activities

gathered from excellent educators across the globe, to be added to your Lesson Bank! Share it widely, use it often, and more importantly, approach future experiences in your own classroom from this same mindset.

Move away from saying no. Move away from negativity. Move away from stifling curiosity.
Move from Banned, to Bandwagon, to Banked.
The investment will pay larger dividends than you can imagine.

#MakeItReal Moment: Number 7

Put A Spin On It

The second N in the I.N.S.T.A.N.T acronym for increasing relevance in your lessons stands for National Events and Crazes. First, there was the Rainbow Loom, then there was Bottle Flipping, and today, the craze taking over the nation (and many nations from what I read), is…The Fidget Spinner!

Observe…but don’t observe for too long, there’s more words below the video.

I’m not one to put aside a national (or international) craze, so I put the idea out to some teachers who’d been struggling with getting their students to stop playing with the spinners in class.

My Question: How can you take the fact that students love these things and use it to your advantage? In other words…how can you #MakeItReal?

Here are some of their ideas:

  • Time different types and see which kind are the best spinners
  • Compare different types for costs and seller ratings on Amazon
  • Experiment with how long it takes students to learn cool spinner tricks
  • Write a science fiction story about how Fidget Spinners are really UFOs and our use of them as toys starts an intergalactic war. 

I really like that last one. So now it’s your turn. 

What are three ways you could use this moment and moments like it in your classroom to add relevance to a lesson?

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#MakeItReal Moment Number 4

Definitely Make This One Real

Ok, this is a short #MakeItReal Moment. I saw this picture in an article today and immediately had buckets of questions.

According to the article I read about it, this is a building plan for NYC.
I leave this #MakeItReal moment entirely to you. Since the building is in the planning stages only, I leave the planning of how you’d use it up for grabs and will share my ideas in a later post. Read the article in Business Insider by Leanna Garfield for more information about the building plans.


And…as usual:

What are three ways you could use this moment in your classroom to add relevance to a lesson?

#MakeItReal Moment: Number 3

Watermelons! Watermelons Everywhere!


People like to send me jokes, memes, gifs etc., about math because, well, it’s a kind of defense mechanism. A lot of people have a bad relationship with math, so laughing about it makes it better. I’ve had a tendency to shrug off most of these because I’ve very likely seen and/or heard all the math jokes before. Well, for #MakeItReal Moment Number 3, I realized that these jokes are more than just defense mechanisms, they’re opportunities to learn and to engage our students!

Here’s what I got the other day.

It’s funny because it’s true.

But instead of shrugging it off, I asked some kids about it because I figured…someone was wondering “WHY?”

Here are some responses.

  1. Is he a chef making something for a huge party?
  2. Is he starting a watermelon farm?
  3. Maybe she owns a grocery store and is just stocking up!

See!?! You want to know who wonders “why” to things like this? Kids do. Give them a chance to talk it out.

What are three ways you could use this moment in your classroom to add relevance to a lesson?


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